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About Us

Welcome to Dhanalaxmi Timbers


Dhanalaxmi Timbers was established in 2023,  The Company Carries the Vision to cater world class wooden and allied products, Hardware, plywood, glass, Imported Timbers & all types of Wooden products, It believes in producing superior quality wood products and supplying with a sharp vision on current trend. It takes a lot of skill to design and manufacture in a competitive market.


DHANALAXMI Timbers is meant to serve a wide range of customers in the industry and to definitely make a profit, that's why we will ensure that we go all the way to serve a wide range of customers in South India is capable.


We will do all that is permitted by the law of India to achieve our objective and ambition to start a business. Our product and Service offers are listed below.

Wooden furniture Manufacturing, Timber Cutting, Carving, Fitting, Polishing, Planning, Processing, and All types of Timber products such as Flush Door, Lamination Door, Wooden Door, Ready made Vasakkal, Windows, Windows Frames, Interior and External Furniture, we can meet your needs perfectly.

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